Sunday, 2 February 2014

Two new titles now on sale!

We're not sure quite how we managed it, but we somehow omitted to announce yesterday that our two new books are now available to buy!

THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER WYE by Adam Fitzroy tells the story of Rupert who, returning after a three-year exile, finds himself caught up in mysterious events occurring at his friend Jake’s struggling organic farm – events which may extend as far as murder.

Jane Elliot's THIS MEANS WAR continues the saga of Jasper and Brian (from her immensely popular ABOVE ALL). Just because they’ve settled into their relationship doesn’t mean that their lives are any calmer – as this amusing tale of a prank war gone wrong abundantly demonstrates.

Congratulations go to both authors on the release of their new titles, which we hope will both be very successful ... and, having accomplished which, the Press will now turn its attention to the books we are planning to bring you on 1 May. No rest for the wicked, you know ...

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