Monday, 13 January 2014


What we can say? It's embarrassing, but from time to time a review of one of our books slips through the net and we don't find out about it until weeks or months after it's appeared. This has just happened again; we've recently learned of a review of Julie Bozza's THE APOTHECARY'S GARDEN which appeared on The Novel Approach review blog. It's a real shame we didn't see it sooner, as reviewer Lisa Horan was clearly enchanted by the book (as so many were!) and we can only apologise to both her and Julie for not being aware of this review when it was originally published.

There were some lovely metaphors in the story, illuminating the love that grew from the seeds of friendship for these two men, and the way in which a garden, much like that love, cannot survive until all the detritus that chokes the new and fragile blossoms of that love, which keeps it from thriving and growing into something lush and beautiful, has been removed to allow a new life to begin.

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