Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New title[s] for 1 November announced today!

There’s a slight variation to our usual procedure this time; we’re only able to announce one new title to you at the moment, but it’s a biggie! OF DREAMS AND CEREMONIES is the eagerly-awaited sequel to Julie Bozza’s popular BUTTERFLY HUNTER and continues the story of Dave and Nicholas; now staying with Nicholas’s family in England, there are so many plans and preparations to be made that Dave wishes they could just skip ahead to the honeymoon – a honeymoon which, as it turns out, is not exactly uneventful!

For legal reasons (i.e., we won’t own the rights for another few days!) we are going to have to keep you in suspense about our second publication this time; we’ll be announcing the details of it on Thursday 10 October. They will both, however, be on sale as usual from 1 November.

Those of you who are especially quick off the mark may already have noticed the 'stealth-release' of our two 1 August titles, Jane Elliot's MONTANA RED and Cimorene Ross's THE EAGLE'S WING, which have been available on both Amazon and Smashwords since the weekend; they are now also available to buy from AllRomance eBooks.

On a sad note, we’d like to say how sorry we are that Rainbow E-Books have ceased trading. They were always very friendly and a positive delight to deal with, and even though their share of the market wasn’t exactly massive they did sell quite a lot of books for us which we truly appreciated. We wish everyone concerned the very best of luck in whatever they choose to undertake next.

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