Monday, 2 September 2013

New review of FOOL's RUSH

Yes, and it's by Elisa Rolle again.  This time she's turned her attention to the third book in Chris's 'Fool's Odyssey' sequence, FOOL'S RUSH, and we think it's fair to say that she enjoyed it:

Picking Barcellona has setting for the novel is again a perfect choice, the Barrio Antico and the Ramblas are a mix of modern and ancient, that well reflect the development of the story: the time is a near future, 2042, but the theme is a classical gothic one, vampires.

I would dare to say that, while you will for sure enjoying reading the whole series, Fool’s Rush has all the merits to be also a perfect standalone novel.

We're sure that all those readers - and there are plenty of you - who like their M/M romance with a strong plot and a supernatural twist will be queueing up to agree with Elisa on this one!

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