Saturday, 16 February 2013


Reviewer Sirius at Jessewave has been reading Adam Fitzroy's BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, and her verdict is recorded here.

"Those who say that good writing can sell you anything are so right. As much as I love well done time travel element, I usually prefer it to be explained much better than it was in this book. I like my whys and therefores to be spelled out where time travel is concerned. In this book it just happens because they are in the certain place and time, nothing else was really explained and I completely bought it because of the good writing."

There is also, included in the review, a fascinating point about whether or not the main storyline of BETWEEN NOW AND THEN (i.e. the relationship between Dennis and Allan) actually constitutes a 'romance', and we'd be very interested to get your views on this - either specifically about this book, if you've read it, or more generally if you haven't. What elements do you think need to be present for a story to be described as a 'romance'?

For the record, Adam tells us that the primary 'romantic' relationship in BETWEEN NOW AND THEN is intended to be the one taking place in the past, and the present-day one is almost accidental in relation to it - but this is, of course, only one of very many possible points of view about the subject, so please feel free to weigh in and tell us what you think!

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