Tuesday, 1 January 2013


And we are, as usual, up well before the lark (we suspect they're hibernating!) to bring you news of our two new titles, scheduled to be published on 1 February 2013!

Those of you who have been following Chris Quinton’s Fool’s Odyssey Trilogy from the beginning will no doubt be delighted to learn that the final book in the series will shortly be available; FOOL’S RUSH concludes the saga of Andreas, Xavi, their friends in the vampire community, and the mysterious cache of gold discovered in the church vault.

Alongside it, we have another new offering from Adam Fitzroy. BETWEEN NOW AND THEN is the strange tale of what happens when two men who really don’t like each other accidentally become involved in the unfinished romance of two men who did; it leaves them questioning everything they thought they knew for sure!

We’ve had a few technical difficulties this time around, which is why we’re unable to announce price, word- or page-count details for Adam’s book or page-count for Chris’s. We expect Chris’s book to be roughly 170 pages in its finished form, but at the moment we’re not sure whether Adam’s book will fall into the ‘under 45,000 words’ or ‘over 45,000 words’ category (which will of course determine the price) and therefore we’ve tagged it with both for the time being; we hope you won’t find this too confusing.

To conclude with the usual statistical information, the best-seller through our website this month was Jane's THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE, with Julie's BUTTERFLY HUNTER once again being the highest-selling title with our distribution partners. Average response time for orders filled through our website was five hours and 15 minutes.

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