Monday, 8 October 2012

Two new reviews ...

... have hit our inbox this morning. Taking them in chronological order, the first is Tash's review of Julie Bozza's BUTTERFLY HUNTER at Confessions from Romaholics. It's difficult to quote from this one as it's more of a precis than a review and unfortunately gives away a pretty major plot twist, but nonetheless the reviewer gives the book a rating of 'four couples' which indicates that they thought it 'very good'.

A more considered assessment of Jane Elliot's ABOVE ALL has meanwhile been posted on Reviews by Jessewave. The guest reviewer, jeayci, seems to have rather enjoyed it, and their overall assessment was again '4 stars out of 5':

I stupidly started this right before bed, thinking I’d read a few chapters and then sleep. Hah! I ended up staying up much too late to finish it. I also laughed a lot and was glad no one was trying to sleep next to me!

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