Saturday, 30 June 2012

New book announcement/statistics for June

MANIFOLD PRESS is on its travels again today, so we're bringing you both the new book announcements and the month-end statistics a fraction early. Our two books for 1 August publication are Julie Bozza's BUTTERFLY HUNTER and Jane Elliot's ABOVE ALL. Julie is absolutely indefatigable and is turning out new work at a truly phenomenal speed; BUTTERFLY HUNTER is the tale of two young men brought together by chance - or is it? - by a gentle but nonetheless life-changing adventure in the Australian outback. Jane is returning to us after a taking break to deal with other matters, and ABOVE ALL, her book this time, focuses on a clash of temperaments between eccentric genius Jasper and Brian, the homeless man he takes responsibility for after an accident brings them together. We are very happy once more to have two such diverse and intriguing books to present to you, and we're certain that they will both prove to be very popular! To conclude, here are the sales statistics for June; there was no overall best-seller from the website this month, with UNSPOKEN and THE WALLED GARDEN selling in precisely equal numbers - which is just as it should be! Average response time was respectable enough at three hours and 48 minutes.

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