Thursday, 9 October 2014

Two Morgan Cheshire titles now available in paperback!

We'd like to congratulate our friend and fellow-author Morgan Cheshire on the paperback editions of her two Manifold Press titles, SOLEMN CONTRACT and ALWAYS WITH US, which became available to buy today!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Rainbow Awards - finalists announced

We're delighted to announce that all three of the books which had previously been awarded 'Honourable Mentions' in this year's Rainbow Awards are now definitely among the finalists. These are:

DANCE OF STONE by Jay Lewis Taylor

alongside these, we're also very pleased to note, goes:

HUNTED by Liz Powell

which could still outperform them all. We're already biting our fingernails and the announcements aren't due until December 8 - it's going to be a very tense few weeks here at Manifold Press Megaheadquarters!

Once again, though, and in all seriousness, we would like to congratulate our four authors for their excellent showing in the Awards; it's no small thing simply to have made the cut, and we're exceptionally proud of all of you.

ETA: RANDY by Jane Elliot also made the cut - humble apologies for missing it on our first run through the list!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


We're very much afraid this got lost in the shuffle when Megaheadquarters moved recently, but Elisa Rolle has posted a review of Julie Bozza's BUTTERFLY HUNTER containing the sort of comments every author really dreams of!

Julie Bozza puts together an unlikely pair, but right for that, it was endearing to read how they fell in love, and the ending was almost fairy tale.

Apologies to both Julie and Elisa for not responding to this in a more timely manner, but we hope it's a case of 'better late than never'!


Apologies to Liz Powell; contrary to what we mistakenly said a couple of days ago her book HUNTED was eligible for the Rainbow Awards after all and has in fact been entered - and we're sure it won't fail to impress the judges!

Two new titles announced today!

It’s that time again; we’re delighted to announce our two new titles for publication on November 1, and we have an uncanny foreboding that they’re both going to prove hugely popular!

We’ll start with Julie Bozza‘s eagerly-awaited conclusion to the Butterfly Hunter trilogy, THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING, in which the trials of married life for Dave and Nicholas include a threat to their beloved (and secret) Dreamtime site and some unexpected revelations from Dave’s nephew Robin…

… and partner that with a delightful ‘historical’ by Chris Quinton; secret agents in 1930s London, Tom and Robert are tasked with joining a dance band in order to unravel a sinister blackmail plot – and find their impersonation of a clandestine lifestyle becoming all too real in UNDERCOVER BLUES.

We're busy putting the finishing touches to them both at this very moment, as well as making active preparations to bring you more books just as fascinating as these in February and in May - watch this space (or a very similar one nearby!) for details as and when we have them...