Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Coincidence? Or is it?

We have just offered a free book to the person who placed our 500th order - who, by a bizarre coincidence, also bought the 1000th book we sold, earlier in the year. We were slightly brain-boggled by this, and then it occurred to us that when you have loyal customers this sort of thing is far more likely to happen than not, so we decided that this was probably a good moment to send another shout-out to those customers - you know who you are - who come back to us over and over again. It's always lovely to see new names on the order list, but when the same names come back time after time it makes us even more certain that we must be getting something right; therefore, we'd like to be certain that you know now - and will remember - how much we value our repeat customers and how glad we are to have you around. Whatever it is we're doing that you like, we hope to keep on doing it for the foreseeable future ... and to be marking quite a few more of these modest milestones along the way.

Thank you again, for all your loyal support; without you, this wouldn't be half as much fun as it is!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Saturday, 25 August 2012

New review of 'BUTTERFLY HUNTER'

... aaaaand ... just when we thought our two new books were stuck in review queues, BitterSweet Reviews have delivered their verdict on Julie's BUTTERFLY HUNTER, and we have the distinct impression that they rather liked it!

Butterfly Hunter is a enchanting tale set in the Australian Outback where two lonely souls find each other and after reading it, I was left with a renewed sense of wonder at how beautiful love can be when two people destined to be together finally find each other.

We can't argue with any of that, and we wouldn't even try!

Friday, 24 August 2012

New review of 'GHOST STATION'

Intriguingly, while our new books are still languishing in various review queues, Midia at The Romance Studio has turned her attention to Adam Fitzroy's GHOST STATION. It's a short review, but it does include these words ...

What motivated me to request this book for review was the blurb. It seemed interesting and I don't read many spy thrillers so I decided to give a chance. It was the best decision I ever made.

... and what author could possibly hope for more?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Statistics for July; new titles available on distribution sites

The highest seller from our website during July was F.M. Parkinson's THE WALLED GARDEN, and the average response time steady enough at four hours and three minutes.

The overall best-selling title in July, though, was a dead heat between Chris's FOX HUNT and Julie's ALBERT J. STERNE: FUTURE BRIGHT, PAST IMPERFECT.

What's more, we've just uploaded THE WALLED GARDEN and R.A. Padmos's UNSPOKEN to the sites of our distribution partners, Rainbow and AllRomance, for the benefit of anyone who has difficulty making our online shop module work. We hope to be announcing some new distribution partnerships later in the year.

New books available

We have just completed the process to make our two new books available for sale!

This time Julie Bozza brings us the delightful BUTTERFLY HUNTER, a fresh and colourful culture clash adventure with an intriguing Australian background and fascinating supernatural undertones.

In complete contrast is Jane Elliot‘s new book, ABOVE ALL, with the irascible Jasper and the inscrutable Brian struggling to find a middle ground between their apparently very different worlds.

We'll get back to work on the two books we're hoping to present to you on 1 November, and in the meantime hope you will enjoy these two very different books as much as we have!